The WiRe-Women in Research fellowship programme of the University of Münster’s Welcome Centre is excited to again offer several WiRe Fellowships for international female postdoctoral researchers. WiRe was founded to address the unique needs of women in research with a special focus on female Postdocs. Throughout the duration of the fellowship, participants conduct their research in cooperation with a professor at the University of Münster (WWU) in Germany.

In order to better accommodate the changing health and safety guidelines of the pandemic, WiRe Research@home Fellowships were created last year as our answer to the continued challenging circumstances faced by the international scientific community. As for this round of applications, we will continue to offer a remote option, although it is encouraged to carry out your research on site in Münster, if possible. However, the Research@home Fellowships allow for the chance to pursue a research project at the University of Münster from your home base.

WiRe fellowships provide an opportunity for postdoctoral female scientists to conduct research for a self-selected timeframe of 4 to 8 months, made possible through the support of the WWU. Selected fellows are awarded the opportunity to explore research and development possibilities while having access and insight into the funding, support structures, mentoring and workshops available to top female scientists in Münster.

An intrinsic aspect of WiRe is the expanded exploration of science communication by way of new and creative channels through the active participation of our fellows. In showcasing the results of the WiRe Fellows’ research and their experiences with WWU Münster, the programme demonstrates the ways in which WiRe Fellows serve as inspiring role models for future (female) scientists.

For research projects starting between January and April 2022, the University of Münster’s Welcome Centre awards

WiRe Fellowships for international female postdoctoral researchers, Either remote or on site in Münster

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Excellent international female scientists doing postdoctoral research, specifically those who

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